Prices may vary due to change in the forex exchange rate. For further details you can contact us!
Prices may vary due to change in the forex exchange rate. For further details you can contact us!

Home Cinema Consultants

Extremely experienced and passionate home cinema consultants

Fully Automated Home

Choosing the best home cinema systems can be a daunting task. Today there is an overwhelming choice of home cinema components available. Plus new technologies are emerging frequently. It’s our job to stay on top of the home cinema developments so that we can provide a home cinema consultancy service that’s second to none. We have the knowledge, experience and skills to plan and design the best and latest home cinema systems based on your room location, size, shape and seating arrangement. Our expertise covers all elements including speakers, screens, projectors, technologies, seating and acoustic treatments – we can advise on which work well together for any home cinema room scenario and all types of budget.

Furthermore, when the best component list has been agreed upon, we’ll source everything required via our well-established relationships with all the leading home cinema brands. Cinematics Home Cinemas also has a dedicated, professional and experienced in-house team of home cinema installers. Therefore we can provide the full home cinema service from concept to completion.


The theme embraces your choice


Interior Design

We supply the layouts and colour schemes or pool resources with either your designers or ours. Our focus is on your choices.



we set up individual lights that combine the theme and the settings so you can enjoy the theatre.



We adjust premium acoustic panels to regulate absorption and diffusion for optimal sound range.

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