Prices may vary due to change in the forex exchange rate. For further details you can contact us!
Prices may vary due to change in the forex exchange rate. For further details you can contact us!

Home Cinema Installers

Installing home cinemas on a modest budget

Reliable Installers

Three-phased approach to manage the end-to-end delivery of our sound, light and visual systems solutions service in both commercial and residential environments.

Phase 1: In order to identify your needs, we follow a collaborative approach to the process, starting with information gathering during a site visit. This allows us to propose solutions that best meet your quality standards and budget requirements.

Phase 2: Once we have agreed upon the audiovisual design, we will deploy a team of technicians to your site and proceed with the permanent installation of your system. As part of our installation, we will provide you with in-depth training to develop your skills in understanding and operating the system.

Phase 3: Now that the system is up and running, you're all set to go, but we won't leave you hanging! Our team will be with you post-installation to ensure that you are satisfied with your new investment. This will be followed up with regular maintenance visits to give your audiovisual solution the continued care it deserves, thereby ensuring its potential is fully utilized at all times.

Fully mapped out and visualised

Custom Home Theaters
Custom Home Theaters

We custom design and install enhanced audio and video systems that put you at the front and center of your viewing experience. Specifically created for your home, your viewing style and your budget, we transform your current living room or den into a home theater that suits the way you live, complete with state-of-the-art electronics, updated acoustics, simple one-touch controls and fully integrated systems.

Family Media Rooms
Family/Media Rooms

Whether you are looking for an aesthetic seamless install of a large LCD over the fireplace or simply wanting that perfect surround sound experience, we are the one to call. Television size, speaker setup, component capabilities, remote programming, and more are all taken into account to deliver the Media Room that will blow you away. we will work with you to design the theater of your dreams.


Fully mapped out and visualised

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